SQLite Lesson 2

This lesson is adapted from information provided by Investigative Reporters and Editors. Much of the following includes IRE practice data for the purpose of training. I've included additional info to further clarify difficult concepts and to make it a little bit fun.

March 20, 2016


Queries in the movies

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For part 2 of this intro to SQL, we'll tackle how to group, sum and count. Part 3 will cover how to join.

Keeping with the data about US dams from the previous lesson, let's think of a few . . .

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How to produce a FIRST TAKE photo essay

Follow these steps to build a strong gallery that works well on the web.

November 09, 2015

To turnaround a photo essay, make the photos web-ready and upload them to WordPress

The basic workflow is to:
- Copy the photos from the camera to the computer
- Reduce them in size/weight (typically 1200x900)
- Upload them WordPress' media library
- Include a caption for each photo
- Insert them as a gallery . . .

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Setup Chartbuilder locally

Getting going isn't hard, here's how to setup a great data viz tool locally on your Mac.

November 06, 2015

Chartbuilder demo


Visit https://github.com/Quartz/Chartbuilder

Click the 'Download ZIP' button (look at the bottom of the right-side nav).

Go to your default downloads directory (folder) and unzip it.

Optional but ideal - move this new 'Chartbuilder-master' directory to a sensible directory . . .

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Log in to sqlite3 via the command line

The sky is the limit with SQLite -- once you're logged in. Here's the first crucial step.

November 06, 2015

Open your command line utility (Terminal on the Mac).

Use a few UNIX commands to get your whereabouts:

Type pwd (print working directory) to see your directory location.

Type ls (list) to view which files are in that directory.

Type cd (change directory) followed by the desired directory's path.

Once . . .

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Rename your "Uncategorized" category

You can change the default category to any alternate name you choose.

November 02, 2015

If you find that WordPress' default category name is pointless, don't ignore it or hide it -- rename it!


1. Enter your admin dashboard

2. Navigate to POSTS ยป CATEGORIES
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3. Find "Uncategorized" and click its EDIT link (notice that it cannot be deleted)
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4. Edit its Name, . . .

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Produce Screencasts on a Mac

Record screen capture videos using QuickTime's basic and advanced features

September 09, 2015

Help your readers who are visual learners by capturing the actions you describe in your tutorials in brief, clear videos of your screen and your voice.

Follow these tips to produce an efficient screencast

Before recording

A. Think about the few things that your viewers want to watch instead of . . .

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Interview Skills

Techniques for reporters

July 14, 2015


Find the right people to interview

  • authorities and experts
  • man on the street
  • do background research

Properly attribute subjects

  • name, age, where you're from
  • get the right spelling
  • job titles, business names
  • relationships and . . .

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